Designs by Belva White


 "I love to use Belva's covers so that they keep my Magnets new enough to sell; and which I've done while traveling. The waterproof covers are a slick feeling fabric and yet they still breathe .............amazingly neat and clean. I am very attached to my tapestry seat cover and get lots of compliments on it as I travel. It goes with me everywhere. I love my demo mattress pad cover. It keeps your pad clean no matter WHERE you do your roll out. She even makes the cover a little longer so that it covers the floor for the pillow during the rollout. I have the pretty purple one. It comes with the pillow to match. I must say I can't keep enough of the mini covers around. I especially love how I can use the two sided tape on them and not wreck my mini or Super minis. I love her personal touch! Keep up the good job Belva, Hugs and love Barbara"

Barbara Bertucci, Royal Diamond distributor

"We have been using Belva's products for years and can highly recommend them to everybody who likes to keep their Nikken products good looking and clean."
Igor and Carol Gruendl, Royal Diamond distributors

"Belva's products are good. I like the designs she finds for the seat covers and the personal attention she gives to my orders and requests."
Herb Rapp, Royal Diamond distributor