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Power Mag Bag

Product #:  PMB01
2-17-12.  I have been making this item for a couple of years.  It is made of a Snoopy Suede polyester fabric or tapestry and has a 45" rope-like strap that can be placed over your head and have it hang on your hip, or back.  By placing it over your head you don't have the danger of it slipping off of your shoulder and damaging your power mag unit.  It has a zipper closing, and the flex will also fit in this unit.  You have a choice of the Snoopy Suede or a tapestry fabric, and if there is a certain color or design of a tapestry you can call me at 1-800-795-6922.  Cost is $15.00.

Price:  $15.00


Choice of Fabric: 
Price: $15.00