Designs by Belva White

About Us

Designs by Belva White started in the spring of 1996. It all began with my daughter, Linda Morris who currently lives in St. Petersburg, Florida. Linda has suffered with excruciating headaches since she was eleven. She has been to 17 different types of doctors, specialists and alternative practitioners including numerous X-rays, MRIs and physical therapy. An acupuncturist sold Linda a rolling magnet called a "magboy" to roll on her neck and head to relieve her constant agony. After 20 minutes of using this, her head felt incredible. After this experience she purchased many more products from this company, including a magnetic car seat. It was this seat that she carefully tried to wash and ruined in the process. So she flew home to Iowa with angel tapestry and all of the trim, and said "Mom, you have 48 hours to make me a seat cover. Can you do it?" So I did. Many other people saw her seat cover and wanted one too. So I started making seat covers, back flex covers and other accessories and I was suddenly in business. I have been making quality tapestry, waterproof, suede and cotton covers for almost 21 years now, providing a service to my customers and making many friends all over the United States.

Linda speaks at Expos, Wellness Previews and Trainings and is currently at the Platinum level.  She spends every day educating herself and informing others about the benefits of the products.
Linda is my best product promoter. She likes to keep her products neat and clean. And I've come up with a solution for that.
I take pride in the products I make, doing all of it by myself. I search all over the United States for beautiful tapestries and cottons that I think my customers will enjoy. I enjoy meeting my customers and have made many friends.

I am so happy and grateful for my business. It has allowed me to travel, make new friends and run my own business from home. Thank you everyone!