Designs by Belva White


Designer Covers for Magnetic Products

It all started when...

Belva White sewed a protective cover for a Kenko Seat as a gift for her daughter, Linda Morris, who loves angels.  Belva combined practicality with beauty, choosing a sumptuous tapestry in an angel pattern.  Immediately, her daughter was barraged with inquiries from customers and other Nikken Independent Distributors who saw the "angel seat" and wanted one like it.  Soon Belva's imagination began to devise new products to meet the needs of her daughter and her friends - Designs By Belva White was born, 20 years ago.

Now Belva White's products are available for everyone.

Lovingly and meticulously hand-crafted in a variety of fabrics...from soft luxurious tapestries to crisp washable cotton to practical, waterproof, breathable Weathertek. 

Belva's products allow you to:

·         Express your individuality.

·        Customize the products to your lifestyle and needs.

·        Protect your investment - Keeps your products clean and new looking.